Tamara Banks is the consummate professional journalist and documentarian.

“With multiple trips to war torn Sudan she is relentless in documenting the voice of the persecuted and enslaved whose voice has been intentionally silenced by oppressive and genocidal regimes.  As an independent journalist Ms. Banks went into Sudan with me and  CSI – USA , the nonprofit I have worked with  

I have seen first-hand her commitment to excellence, accuracy and truthfulness.

for almost fourteen years, to document jihadi slavery. I have seen firsthand her commitment to excellence, her courage , her accurate and truthful documentation always with compassion for the people whose lives she documents and distributes to news outlets .”   ~Rev. Heidi McGinness, Director of Outreach, CSI-USA


With 20+ years in the business, Tamara knows that the FACTS are just the beginning of delivering news that moves viewers from passivity to engagement.  Her focus on the human experience of events moves even the most remote audiences to  want to learn more. To bring the reality of war, displacement, slavery and genocide home - and to connect with social justice issues in our own backyards - takes a mature, insightful perspective. Tamara shines a light into places that some are afraid to go.  She opens eyes and minds. She is tenacious.

Tamara Banks is a gifted, widely-respected journalist and on-air reporter, fully dedicated to public service and the public interest. She has an unusual eye for a story, sensing both the important issues at hand and the essential human dimension, able to synthesize and present complex issues in an always interesting, engaging, inspiring way. I know Tamara with particular regard to her more than ten-year commitment to human stories and tremendous needs in Sudan and South Sudan — impressive. She is simply a great asset to any organization or person working with her.
— Ken Scott, international human rights lawyer and war crimes prosecutor, former Commissioner, UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan

Available to travel

Tamara "keeps a go-bag packed" for in-depth coverage opportunities that arise from events here in the U.S. and across the globe. She has advanced skill navigating cultures as well as travel routes. On the ground she adapts to new environments immediately and quickly organizes the best subjects and visuals for a compelling story. 

If you’re looking for a correspondent or producer who’s a creative storyteller, can find the most interesting angles, and whose work is full of integrity, let’s talk.

Special Interests

Having covered topics as varied as the tragic school shooting at Columbine, the slow erosion of community due to urban gentrification, and genocide survivor stories in Sudan and South Sudan, Tamara is versatile.  She welcomes opportunities to report:

  • "slice of life" features

  • social justice issues in the U.S. and internationally

  • gentrification in historic neighborhoods

  • crimes against humanity and genocide

“There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'.

There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.”

- Arundhati Roy