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TazMedia is Tamara Banks’ production company, offering full-service interview and documentary-style video to raise your organization’s story above the noise on the web.

Let’s face it.  Everyone who has an iPhone considers themselves a videographer, reporter and producer these days.

But if you want your investment in video to provide a big return, you want to hire someone who is an expert in their field – as you are in yours.

When TazMedia signs on to tell your story, you are aligning your organization with a professional communicator who has the journalist’s eye for getting to the heart of the matter efficiently, for impact.  

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 Tamara’s approach is the right fit if you want your message to:

  •                Engage the audience so they are moved by the message 

  •                Flesh out a story-line in fresh and interesting ways

  •                Compel viewers to take your desired action and

  •                Meet deadlines within budget

Whether in front of the camera or behind it, Tamara lifts your messages beyond the flat dimensions of white papers and Powerpoints. You’ll be proud to have a TazMedia Production be your voice in the marketplace.


Here’s a simple planning tool to help you think about the purpose and parameters of your upcoming video production. We’ll review your responses and follow-up with an email to schedule a 30-minute, no-obligation consultation on the project and answer any additional questions.

No need to wait!  Let’s put our heads together to raise your voice and visibility in the world!

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