Why this workshop now?

Persuasive communication is all about using your voice effectively. It's not easy. Today most people struggle with information overload. You have to break through that noise.  To become a trusted source or attract interview opportunities from mass media (TV, Radio, Online Outlets), you have to be clear and stand out. Just releasing the facts are not enough. They have to matter.”

Before this workshop you'll be wondering, just HOW do I manage all this?  Afterwards, you'll know!

What you'll learn


• How to use your message so that it resonates with your audience

• How to take charge of a media interview

• What you should avoid when being interviewed

• How to look comfortable and confident during TV or video interviews

• How to handle tricky questions posed by journalists

• How to create a narrative that makes your business, product, or service

memorable and easy to understand


Special for Social Activists




Recent Media Clients





Arrange YOUR workshop!

Tamara has a special interest in providing Media Training for social justice groups and human rights organizations. Because of her work as a journalist, she understands how to translate key messages about crimes against humanity, genocide, mass incarceration, police use of force, and other challenging issues which threaten the social construct of a safe society for all.  The training is similar to the general workshop described above, customized to the needs and purpose of your organization.


  • Denver Nuggets Management  (Business)
  • International Association of Human Values  (Associations)
  • Project Education South Sudan  (NonProfit)
  • Election Commission  (Government)
  • University of Denver  (Academia)
  • Metro State University of Denver  (Academia)
  • Denver Pre-School Program  (K-12 Educators)


Karen Loucks Rinedollar

Denver Speakers Bureau, Executive Director


www.denverspeakersbureau.com        Twitter: @DenverSpeakers